How To Bulk Delete Messages On Android In 7 Ways

Even when separated by distance, kids can now stay in touch with friends and family thanks to this app. Suddenly finding out the user is unavailable on messenger is weird and confusing. Technically you can’t do much rather than find the reason why this is happening unless this is an application bug. There are chances that the user has violated rules on Facebook such as spamming, posting violent content, adult content, etc, and thus gets a ban. Also, reports coming from multiple accounts can lead facebook to ban an account from their platform.

I also write tech tips related to the internet, social media, and security. If you want to disable read receipt on then you need to enable the option before reading the messages. By default, the “Seen”, Delivery Receipts” and “Typing Indicator” are blocked. Log in to Facebook and open the message you want to read, the sender won’t be notified when you read their messages. It’s important to note that deleting your account will erase all of your posts, photos, videos and pages you control, along with any Oculus purchases and achievements. In this guide, we’ll take you through the process of permanently deleting your account.

Method 3: Disable Game Notifications In Facebook

I did not reply immediately since I wanted to think about it. I got REMOVED for trying to change my profile information. I’m glad you read the article regarding going back and deleting comments that can be misconstrued. I was hoping people would read the comments and encouraged them to do so in order for us to learn from each other’s experiences. I was put on notice for discussing how Kiwi plants need at least 9 males for every 1 female. For posting ‘Jo and the Ho Gotta Go’ (they show it on a coffee cup on their own site!).

  • People often ask, does green dot on Messenger means a person is active?
  • For archived threads, you do not get a dedicated section to view them on the mobile apps.
  • Help them with this part so you know what’s going on!

Ads make the Facebook world go round, and the company has become better and better at targeting advertisements tailored to your interests. But this raises plenty of privacy and security concerns. If you don’t want to download an ad blocker to block them entirely, you can adjust some of your ad settings in Facebook. We’ve all got annoying Facebook friends…you know, the ones who post about politics five times a day, or tag you in unflattering photos or won’t stop sending you Candy Crush invitations? And we’ve all been frustrated by autoplay videos and irrelevant ads. Fortunately, there are solutions to these and other Facebook frustrations, so you can get back to “♥”ing the time you spend on Facebook.

What Features Does Messenger Kids Offer?

Click the “Actions” button at the top of the conversation screen. Click the “Messages” button in the menu on the left to open the Messages page. Check and select before erasing text messages to prevent mistakenly erasure. Erase data entirely without any recoverable chance. Secure and permanent data deletion without recovery.

How To Unsync IPhone From IPad: Stop Getting IPhone Texts, Calls, Photos On IPad

If you want to pinpoint a specific location, press the location button in the bottom-right corner. Select Your Facebook Information from the left menu. On your browser, log in to your Facebook account. This process can also be done through the Facebook app.

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